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How can large format graphics help your business?

January 23rd, 2013


Marketing creative often focuses on pieces that are small and can be handled or sent through the mail.  However, big is the way to go when you want to get noticed.  Direct to substrate, large format printing allows marketers to design and produce very large pieces that will increase the visibility of their company and promotions.

Signage materials can range from printing directly to aluminum, Sintra®, foam core, adhesive vinyl, even wood.  Your marketing pieces can be a simple square or cut into any shape you may want.  Trade show banners are also a great way to help promote your company.

Applications for Large Format Printing

Large format printing can be used for a wide variety of applications.  Some include:

  • Tradeshow Exhibits – If your company has a booth at a trade show, your exhibit may include large panels, banners, retractable banners and other signage.  These pieces have to be large enough to be noticed across the exhibit hall floor, and be designed in such a way to quickly relay information about your company and its offerings.
  • Banners – Large format printing is perfect for making banners in nearly any size.  Durable vinyl stock can create long lasting banners in vibrant colors.
  • Retail Signage – Retail signage can include interior and exterior signs, roadside signs, and other signs promoting your business and location.
  • Promotional Signage – When you are marketing a specific offer, or promoting an upcoming event, promotional signage such as posters, banners, removable vinyl, floor talkers or even double sided window graphics are easy to install and are a good choice for temporary marketing.
  • Magnetic Cling Decals – This type of signage has a printed piece that is adhered to a magnet sheet and can be installed on any steel or iron surface, such as exterior doors and walls, box trucks, vehicle doors, and other prominent locations.

To increase their effectiveness, many large format pieces such as magnetic cling decals, trade show exhibits, and promotional signage can include QR codes that a viewer can scan to access a specialized web page specific to your promotion.  Tracking QR code views can help you to track the reach of your large format pieces.

Call us today, we can help you put together a signage package that will help get you noticed.


Muesum Graphics

July 5th, 2012

Love when we can help out on a wonderful high end projects.  We worked with a local exhibit house to help them bring their design to life with 4 color graphics.  Here you can see some high quality panels being permanently installed for a nursing display at a Staten Island school.

banner stand

March 9th, 2012

Quick, easy, vibrant!  You can make your trade show booth stand out with these economical banner stands.  Use one or line the back of your booth with a series for a complete graphic look.

double sided window graphic

March 9th, 2012

Trade Show Graphics

February 23rd, 2012
Is your trade show booth old and dated? Do you feel changing it can be costly? Mohawk has affordable ways to update your booth graphics. Give us a call, we will help you make that booth look new again.



Custom Camp Signs

February 16th, 2012

Whether you want to welcome guests to your cabin or camp, or you want to warn about the Bears….we can help you with that. Our quality, custom printed signs are just the thing. Send us your artwork, or have us design one for you. Many finishing options available. Give us a call today, it will be summer before you know it.

The Importance of Quality Interior Architectural Signage

February 16th, 2012

Interior architectural signage is a key component to any successful business. From the informative lobby directory to the more personal desk plaque, these signs can offer direction, information, and even advertisement for the company’s product or service.

As do exterior signs, those found on the inside of a business represent your company. They continuously demonstrate the quality of service and products that the business provides. If your signs are faded and shabby (except nostalgic signs, of course), or have poor quality graphics, your customers will immediately think that your lack of attention to details reflects your level of service or the quality of your products. Interior architectural signage that has been designed with the utmost precision will not only fulfill a communicative need, but positively contribute to the company’s success as a whole. Additionally, they can assist in the efficiency and performance of company employees.

When considering purchasing new signs for your company, design is extremely important. The final products should give off a professional, yet comfortable feel to those that use them. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials that will suit the purpose, location and existing décor. Company branding can also come through on these signs with printed logos.

Materials that tend to be fade resistant should be used in any location with direct sunlight in order to minimize the need for costly replacements. The result you hope to achieve with interior signage can very well determine the specific materials you choose. Of course, any lettering used must be simple and easy to read. Today’s advanced computer technology, along with an experienced sign company, can assist you in the intimidating design process, guaranteeing a superb final result.

There are regulations regarding the interior architectural signage you place in and around your business, those set forth under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) are critical to the final product you choose. ADA signage must meet standards to ensure that people of all limitations will be safely accommodated in all public settings. These include, but are not limited to, the use of non-glare materials, a high contrast between the background and the lettering or graphics used, and the inclusion of Braille and other tactile characters. All postings, both inside and out, must be in compliance with ADA regulations at all times. Therefore it is important to keep informed of any updates to the legal standards as they occur. The most recent updated go into effect on March 15, 2012.

The installation process of interior architectural signage can be a project in itself. When ordering interior signage, it is crucial to choose a system that can be installed, moved, and updated if necessary without too much difficulty. It can be quite costly for replacements as needs and surroundings change. The location they are mounted on must be visible, as well as suitable for their use. Since we are a sign company that focuses solely on signage we can help you with this.

Mohawk Sign Systems, Inc. has been guiding companies through the entire process, maximizing budgets, branding signs, and helping their customers make positive impressions on their clients with quality interior architectural signage for more than 60 years.

Satisfied Customer

February 16th, 2012

You gotta love when your customers are happy with your quality and service. I just had to post this…

Your sign work was great. The response time, production timeline, and ease to work with are what have been looking for.
You are appreciated !


Mohawk Color – Offical Signage Company for Adirondack Hockey Team

December 5th, 2011

We are so excited to be affiliated with the Adirondack Phantoms. Being their official signage company has been a great experience. We have met great people and hope to continue to support local hockey.

Devastation in Upstate NY from Tropical Storm Irene

August 31st, 2011
Here is a video with a birds eye view of the devastation in Upstate NY from Tropical Storm Irene. Our hearts and prayers go out to anyone effected.